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What's happening at the clinic?

Our fox kit has opened her eyes, and is exploring her surroundings. One of the baby squirrels is also wide eyed and taking in the sights!

This week a bald eagle was found in the Hunt Valley area with minor injuries to the wing. This is a big boy, weighing in at 11 lbs! We brought it to the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital for a full evaluation and as of today, March 17, he is back in the clinic, being kept closely contained and quiet. He's doing great and we expect a full recovery.

Currently we take our large raptors to an offsite flight cage, but several years ago we raised funds for a new flight cage that will finally be constructed at our new location. See a video for a similar cage here.

From eagles to robins – this one was hit by a car. Note the cardboard box and paper toweling. This is the best way to transport a bird. A closed box keeps it quiet during transport and its claws won't get stuck in the paper towels the way they would in a fabric towel or washcloth.

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