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You need the Phoenix Wildlife Center and we need YOU! Our grassroots supporters help keep us running on a daily basis – you can help the Phoenix Wildlife Center move into a new and exciting phase of wildlife rehabilitation in Maryland. Get involved with the renovation of the new property and become a sustaining member of the community that cares about wildlife. By respecting and supporting  the lives of these animals you may find that the life you change will be your own, and those of your children and their children.

Our Story

Phoenix Wildlife Director Kathy Woods started her wildlife rehabilitation career many years ago when she began rescuing baby and injured songbirds. As her interest grew, so did her education and experience and in 2000 she built her clinic for birds and mammals in the lower level of her Phoenix home.


Kathy has run her organization with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time to helping rehabilitate and return these animals to the wild. Most of the money raised over the years has come from donors who have brought animals to us, those who don’t ignore the plight of an animal in distress, but instead search out those who can help. 

Our Goal $275,000 

Phase 1 of our plan included completely renovating the existing farmhouse and barn and adding outdoor enclosures for mammals and waterfowl. Because of early donations to the Campaign we have been able to add a new roof to the barn and build a brand new raptor mews. 


The Farmhouse

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have made the new Phoenix Wildlife Center a reality. We received a total of $187,000 to fully renovate the clinic, and continue to receive gifts through GoFundMe, Paypal Giving, Network for Good, and direct donations from friends of the center, as well as those who bring us injured animals.


Our new center could never have been completed without incredible gifts-in-kind that include:

  • security system 

  • 3 adjustable desks

  • 5 laptops

  • kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances

  • 3 incubators

  • microwave

  • refrigerators

  • whiteboards

Estimated Costs

House $187,000  FUNDED!!

Raptor Mews $38,000 COMPLETED!

Barn: $18,000

Outdoor Enclosures: $25,000

Supply Shed: $4,900 FUNDED!

Generator: $8,000 FUNDED!

The New Clinic is Open for Business!

Waterfowl Enclosures are complete!

The Barn

Total Renovation Cost $16,400

Thanks to early donors, the barn has a new roof which cost $8,400. It still needs new stairs and landing to the upper story, new concrete floor and new windows. Future plans for the barn include two possible transition cages for a quarantine area and a learning center to train wildlife first responders in the safe handling and transport of wildlife, as well as educational programs. Estimated cost to complete: $8,000

Outdoor Enclosures
Total Renovation Cost $25,000
As our patients mature, they are moved from indoor incubators to outside enclosures as the next step before release. We will create predator-safe enclosures for our recovering mammals, songbirds and waterfowl. 

Raptor Mews
Total Renovation Cost $38,000  FUNDED!
We are excited to announce that our raptor mews is complete. We now have a large interim place for our raptors who have recovered enough to be moved from their indoor cages but are not yet ready for release.

Phoenix Wildlife Center is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 


We welcome donations from individuals, organizations, and local businesses and corporations. Ask your employer if your company has a matching gift policy.

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