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​All Volunteer Team 

We have an outstanding release rate, made possible by our dedicated all-volunteer staff and a variety of veterinarians who are committed to our mission of returning healthy animals to their natural habitats and to those who help promote our cause by donating goods or services and hosting fundraising events. The Phoenix Wildlife Center does not charge for its services and does not receive funding from Local, State or Federal government for operating expenses. We are supported by private donations, 100% of which goes to the care of the animals and we welcome donations of any amount.


The Maryland Wildlife Rehabilitators Association ( lists wildlife rehabilitators by county and by permits that they carry. RVS means that they can handle species that can carry rabies  (bats, raccoons, foxes, skunks) and an asterisk by the name indicates that they have the proper federal permit to treat birds. The Phoenix Wildlife Center has an RVS permit, a DNR permit to handle other mammals, and a USFW permit to treat birds, including bald eagles.


Interested in Volunteering?
We are highly selective of the volunteers who work in the clinic and come in contact with our animals. They undergo a rigorous training process and must be available on a regular basis and willing to do the "dirty work". 
For those who want to offer their help in other areas, we are often on the lookout for dependable drivers for animal transport, and help with our fundraising efforts. Call us if you would like to host an event at your home of office.

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