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Ways to Give

Phoenix Wildlife Director Kathy Woods runs her organization with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers who donate their time to rehabilitate and return orphaned and injured animals to the wild. Almost all of the money raised over the years has come from individuals like YOU who don’t ignore the plight of an animal in distress, but instead search out those who can help. If you'd like to make a donation to our Annual Operating budget you can:

1.) Adopt an animal by setting up monthly donations that go toward the care of that type of animal.  

2.)  Make a one-time donation or become a recurring donor to our Annual Fund.

3.) Donate items or services.  


1. Adopt an Animal


Each of our rescued animals requires housing, food and medical care. Aside from donations of food and medical supplies, in 2021 the Phoenix Wildlife Center spent $55,000 for animal care, supplies and veterinary support.  That averages out to $5000 per month cash outlay.


With a recurring monthly donations, you can help us be confident that we will have the cash resources we need for 2023. Monthly donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!


By specifying a particular species of animal or bird, at the amounts listed below, we will send you a framed digital print of one of that type of animal that was successfully rescued and rehabilitated at our Center.


Songbird $10 per month


Raptor $20 per month

  • Owl

  • Eagle

  • Hawk


Mammal $40 per month

  • Fox

  • Raccoon

  • Opossum

  • Squirrel

  • Rabbit

  • Skunk


2. Become an Annual Fund Donor

  • Raptor Wranglers $25,000+

  • Songbird Society $10,000+

  • Fox Den $5,000+

  • Possum Posse $2,500+

  • Bunny Buddies $1,000+

  • Feathered Friends $500+

  • Friends $100+

3. Gifts in Kind

Do you have a service that you can provide? From landscaping to construction or signage, we can use your help at the new site.


Aside from our ongoing animal care wish list, we also have specific items needed for our new site. 

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