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Gifts in Kind

Services: Can you offer a service in support of our animals or location? Is your company looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity?

In the past boy scout troops funded and built raptor and mammal cages on the property, and all of our graphic design work, including online and print has been donated by one very dedicated volunteer. Please call to see what services we may be in need of now and in the future.

Ongoing Wish LIst

Over the years we have identified many specific needs for our animals. If you think you have something we could use, but you're not sure, please call!

  • pillowcases

  • washcloths

  • t-shirts

  • heavy ceramic dog bowls

  • Dawn original dishwashing detergent

  • laundry detergent 

  • paper towels

  • canned cat food

  • canned dog food

  • dry cat food/dog food

  • grocery store gift cards Walmart/Safeway

  • Chewy gift certificates

New Site Needs

  • Backup generator FUNDED!

  • Security System DONATED!

  • Signage at Road FUNDED!




Gator Style Utility Vehicle

Estimate for New: $8,139

Essential for transporting animal crates, building supplies, and large bags of food between farmhouse, barn and storage sheds.

Brooders  FUNDED!!!

TLC-40 $690 / TLC-50 $829
Young birds need to be kept in a clean, temperature controlled environment as free as possible from airborne contaminants such as fungal spores and dust. As they grow and develop down and feathers they can gradually tolerate lower temperatures, which this chamber allows with adjustable thermostat.

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