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Can carry rabies.

Sometimes people mistake a baby fox for an abandoned puppy. Red foxes are born brown and remain that way for weeks. Fox kits will often appear unsupervised for long periods while their parents are out hunting for food. They will play like puppies around the den site until the parents decide they’re old enough to go on hunting trips. Then they will suddenly disappear.


If you see them, observe the kits from a distance; if they seem energetic and healthy, leave them alone. If they appear sickly or weak, or if you have reason to believe both parents are dead, contact the Phoenix Wildlife Center and we can advise you on next steps. 


If you see a tiny kit with its eyes closed and no apparent parent or siblings, wrap it carefully in a towel, keep it warm and bring it to us as soon as possible.

This tiny kit received special formula through a syringe with

a nipple attached.

Once our foxes are old enough to be outside, they are moved to a predator-safe pen. At our new site, we will be building larger mammal pens set away from the main clinic and barn in order to limit their exposure to humans, and begin aversion tactics such as loud noises in order to make them wary of people and return them safely to the wild – our primary goal for all of our rescued animals.

Feeling bigger and better!

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